A passion project that I’ve been working on that I started rather spontaneously on October 2, 2020.

I follow many art accounts on Instagram, and I am consistently amazed by their beautiful accounts and feeds. But having my own account, I finally grasped that every account has a face behind the screen: someone that is dedicating hours of their lives to create content for people to see.


I didn’t realize the amount of effort it would entail: coming up with ideas, executing them, promoting my work, and networking with other creatives on Instagram. But I did my best, and I was able to grow my account into something that I’m really proud of, and that’s why this creative project is my favorite.


It embodies my aesthetic and displays the amount of effort I put into things that I am passionate about. 

Future Trajectory

It has always been a dream of mine to start a small business, and one day I hope to transform my designs into a sticker shop!


I've already done a great deal of research on how to make stickers at home -- from buying the proper materials to adjusting printer settings to programming my sticker-cutter. And these trial runs have been successful and very popular amongst my family and friends.


I'm working on researching the logistical business side of opening my shop, like inventory, pricing, selling platform, and more. By the time this is done, hopefully, I can call myself a small business owner!